Are You Ready to PlanIT?

Article by Catherine Bindewald
Originally published in a different format

The CIO’s Office hopes you’re ready to PlanIT and will be seeking your direct involvement over the next few months. PlanIT is the name we’ve given to the comprehensive process of developing an Information Technology Strategic Plan for Ohio State. After a lengthy period of gearing up through face-to-face meetings with deans, administrators and President Kirwan’s cabinet, we have arrived at the nuts and bolts stage, which is described in greater detail in other articles.

Why PlanIT? There are many reasons: Because technology has grown from a collection of disparate tools to a transformative, mission-critical, enterprise-level engine that requires proactive oversight to ensure an organization’s success and competitiveness. Because we need to collectively define what technology is needed to support the Academic Plan. Because we need to improve IT services, infrastructure and tools. And because we need to foster greater collaboration among the university technology community.

We envision Ohio State’s Information Technology Strategic Plan becoming a vital component in the university’s successful operation. A well-defined IT plan will enable the campus community to be strategically aligned with the Academic Plan, share a vision of technology, maintain an environment that empowers students, faculty, staff, business partners and lifelong learners, and spend the university’s technology resources on the right priorities.

But we can’t do it in a vacuum. To be truly successful we need a collaborative IT planning process that engages key stakeholders. If you are reading this, you are among the stakeholders. You are the administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and external and community partners who will benefit from the strategic planning and implementation of Information Technology at Ohio State.

How can you help? In the coming months, you may be asked to participate in a focus group, be interviewed, complete a survey, respond to a questionnaire, gather information, and/or provide feedback. If you can spare the time to respond to any of these requests, you will be doing your part. Ready? Let’s PlanIT!