osu.edu Always Here, Always Finds You

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Your osu.edu e-mail address is your consistent address for Ohio State e-mail. Other e-mail addresses may come and go, but osu.edu never changes. OIT recommends that you give only your osu.edu e-mail address (in the form name.#@osu.edu) to your correspondents. It’s also a good idea to use only your osu.edu e-mail address on business cards and letterhead, in published materials, and as your return address in your e-mail software configuration. Then if your circumstances change (for example, you change to another Internet Service Provider; you decide to read your e-mail on the OIT-managed central server, if you’re not already; you move to a different department; or your department’s server name changes), osu.edu still finds you. You won’t have to contact everyone in your address book or worry about published materials with the wrong e-mail address. All you need to do is let OIT know where you want to read your e-mail. And that’s easy to do. Just submit the online form.

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