OIT Renovates Central Classroom Third Floor

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Central Classroom Building

After nearly six months of renovations, the third floor of the Central Classroom Building opened fall quarter as a modern tech-ready facility. The entire third floor was transformed from traditional classroom spaces to a unified learning environment that will accommodate emerging instructional technology trends. The renovation is complete including infrastructure, furnishings, technology and human environmental factors (look and feel) that takes advantage of the opportunity to use "green" construction materials such as linoleum flooring (which is made of natural and renewable ingredients). Construction occurred during the 2007 spring and summer quarters.

311 Central Classroom interactive teaching space

The newly renovated third floor features 12 perimeter classrooms, a center interactive teaching space that will accommodate up to 72 students, two video conference capable meeting spaces, and hallway breakout gathering areas to promote informal learning as an extension of the classroom. Each of the 12 perimeter classrooms is equipped with an LCD projector, audio reinforcement and connections for an instructor supplied computer or video device. The classroom capacities range from 22-35 students. Room 311, the largest and most advanced of the rooms, was designed to improve the instructor/student interaction by reducing the physical distance between them. The instructor station is at the center of the room to provide 360 degrees of interactive classroom learning space. A wireless microphone allows the instructor to move about and become part of the learning process instead of simply leading it. In addition to better engagement with the audience, room 311 has clusters of seating and 36 shared computers to promote group interaction and project work. The instructor presentation can be "pushed" out to all of the student monitors. Through software the instructor can monitor and control available student computing resources. Also, the instructor has the ability to "pull" any of the student computer sources and display it on all of the student monitors. Located around the perimeter of the room are whiteboards for impromptu discussions and presentations by both instructor and students.

Hallway breakout gather space

Bill Hoza, director for OIT Applied Technology Service, said the design provides faculty/students the ability to embrace current learning theories. These rooms support a constructivist model which emphasizes understanding over memorization. These rooms enable active, collaborative and social learning styles. OIT Applied Technology Services worked collaboratively with Facility Operation and Development, the Classroom Readiness Committee, Statistics department, the University Registrars Office, and the associate architect to design and construct the vastly improved third floor environment. These classrooms and informal educational spaces function as an integrated learning environment. If computer or video equipment is needed for a classroom, instructors should call OIT Classroom Services at 2-3131 or visit classroom.osu.edu for more information. Classroom Services is located on the lower level of the Central Classroom Building, 2009 Millikin Road. As always, the Classroom Helpline is the single point of contact for trouble calls regarding classroom equipment and facilities. Instructors should simply call 614-247-4357 or send an email to classroomhelp@osu.edu. Instructors can schedule classrooms through their department contacts or the Scheduling Office. Student organizations that want to use classrooms for events must call 614-292-7924 and schedule through the Ohio Union or send an email to eventplanner@studentaffairs.osu.edu.