Ninth Megaconference Highlights Global Connections

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Bob Dixon wears one of his many "name this person" hats.

“Breaking Down the Barriers: Global Connections” was the theme of the Ninth Annual Megaconference, which took place on November 8.

“The annual Megaconferences are huge videoconferences that occur everywhere at the same time with no central location and run for 12 hours to cover all time zones in all parts of the world,” says Bob Dixon, chief research engineer in emerging technologies for the CIO’s Office. On behalf of Ohio State, he and his staff, Gabe Moulton and Megan Troyer, have spearheaded the event since its inception. Ohio State's participation was centered at the Digital Union.

The Megaconference's interactive presentations are now called “interactions,” says Dixon, "and everyone in the world with H.323 or compatible equipment is invited to participate." Last year's program included Second Life Virtual World and a global roll call. “We found that people are incredibly imaginative,” he says. “Fifty sites in China participated; one featured an artist w ith physical disabilities who simultaneously sang and painted a banner, which they sent to us [Ohio State].”

Gabe Moulton and Megan Troyer provide the technical assistance.

Megaconference is sponsored by the Internet2 Commons and supported by many organizations and vendors. For details and/or recap, visit the Megaconference web site.

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