OSU E-mail Maintenance Update

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As many of you are aware we have been experiencing multiple e-mail outages over the past several weeks. To address this issue, OIT must bring down the central e-mail system for an extended period this weekend (12/1) and again on December 15-16. The plan is to begin the outage at 10 p.m. on Saturday (12/1) and we expect the system to be available by 8 a.m. on Sunday (12/2).

If you access your e-mail through OSU's central system, which includes Webmail, OSU POP, and IMAP, those services will not be available during the maintenance (10 p.m. to 8 a.m.). All e-mail that is received during the maintenance window will be queued and delivered after the system is restored.

There will be no service interruption for those who forward their lastname.#@osu.edu e-mail to another service provider for reading. If you need to have access to your mail during this maintenance, we encourage you to activate e-mail forwarding services available from the OSU Account Management site. This must be completed before the outage. You will also be able to use this service to remove that delivery change after the repairs have been completed. If you need assistance, contact 8help by sending e-mail to 8help@osu.edu or calling 688-HELP.

Account Management services which includes Changing Delivery, Activating OSU Internet Username, and Password Maintenance will not be available during the outage.

During this weekend's e-mail system maintenance outage, OIT will be running the first stabilization process to help resolve some of the issues with the system. The software provider has indicated that this is a necessary "next step." We expect to see improved stability.

To complete the repairs to the mail system, the second maintenance outage is planned for December 15-16.

Additionally, planning, design, and building of the next generation e-mail system have been underway since this summer with an expected implementation during January 2008. This system will be more robust, have better functionality, and meet additional ADA requirements.

For the most updated information, visit the OIT System Status page.

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