OIT Operations Director Addresses Central E-mail Problems

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The Office of the Chief Information Officer shares your frustration with the continuing problems of the campus e-mail system. They are disruptive to the academic mission as well as the business processes of the university. Clearly, we cannot continue to operate like this. The e-mail support team, including vendor support personnel, is working around the clock to implement a fix. Although the root cause is associated with ever an increasing user load, you should not have to worry about this. E-mail users at Ohio State expect and deserve a highly reliable service.

Although CIO/OIT management and e-mail administrators have already taken many steps to alleviate the situation, they are clearly not enough. To address this shortcoming, we are immediately taking the following actions, some of which are reinforcements of steps already underway:

  • Provide continuous effort towards normalizing service on the current e-mail system;
  • Expedite the move of users to the new e-mail system, with the first group being moved by Thursday, February 21;
  • Bring in additional resources as required to shore up support for the existing e-mail system, as well as assist with migration to the new system;
  • Implement a 24-hour SWAT response to immediately respond to reports of e-mail disruption and continuously watch for early problem signs.

Some of you may have an interest in the technical issues behind our problems, and we would be happy to discuss those in a different setting. Please feel free to contact Mitch Dysart at dysart.1@osu.edu.

Regardless of the problem, e-mail users expect reliable service, and that is what we must – and will – provide.

Best regards,

Michael Veres
Interim Chief Information Officer

Mitchell Dysart
Director of Operations / Chief Technology Architect
Office of Information Technology / Office of the Chief Information Officer

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