Site License Software Coordinator Services Expanded

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OIT Customer Services has provided an option for authorized IT staff at Ohio State to sub distribute, in compliance with product licensing terms, site licensed software to their departments or units. This has been used for software that is distributed in hardcopy form and typically by IT staff at regional campuses who handle distributions to their users.

Over the last month, the concept was expanded to include a new site at that adds a tab for site license software coordinators (SLSC) in addition to the tabs normally seen on the Software Downloads site. This enables the SLSC to obtain specific software online in a restricted area of the web pages. It currently contains five software titles, which are restricted for electronic download to SLSC:

  • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 for Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2004 for Mac
  • Windows Vista Enterprise 32-bit
  • Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit

Download of these products is restricted because the Campus Agreement volume-licensed media can be distributed online only for institutional installation on Ohio State campuses on OSU-owned equipment.

Michael Dangler, interim OIT site license coordinator, said more application titles will be added to the restricted software tab in the future, where applicable. He added that tools to aid SLSC in software administration are being developed.

Regular OSU faculty or staff who want to apply for SLSC authorization may access the request application online at For questions, please send e-mail to or contact 8help by phone at 688-HELP.

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