Institutional Data Training Course Highly Recommended for Faculty

Privacy matters. Maintaining confidentiality of data is everyone's responsibility whether you are student, faculty, staff or agent.

Protecting university institutional data can be challenging. Ohio State has implemented a Carmen training course on responsible data practices based on the Institutional Data Policy. The goal is to ensure faculty and staff are aware of the proper handling of institutional data.

Institutional data includes all data created, collected, maintained, recorded or managed by the university, its employees, and agents working on its behalf. State and federal government regulations require effective handling of restricted data. Common examples of institutional data include class roster, student grades, research data, grant proposals, date of birth, medical record numbers, course catalog, directory information, Social Security number, and OSU ID number.

Kathy Starkoff, chief information officer, says “the highly recommended course lays the foundation for providing a common understanding of the importance and effective management of institutional data.” The course has been required for several years for authorized users of the central administrative systems, which include PeopleSoft, eReports Portal, Financials and HR Data Warehouse, and the Operational Data Store. Over 6,000 staff members have already completed the course. We are extending the best data handling concepts to additional members of the campus community.

Starkoff encourages other college and office with employees who have access to sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, bank account information, credit card information, student records or health related information to complete the training module as well. All active employees will be able to access the training module, including graduate associates and undergraduate student employees.

The training course is available on Carmen and will take no more than 30 minutes to complete. After logging in to Carmen, faculty must join the Institutional Data Policy-Faculty course to enroll. Once enrolled, select the student tab to see the course.

For questions, contact Joyce Wagner, data privacy administrator, at

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