TNC Fire Contained, Staff Relocate to Other OCIO Buildings

Around 8 a.m. this morning (12/10), a fire broke out at OCIO’s Telecommunications & Networking Center, 320 W. 8th Avenue. The fire was isolated to the TNC Medium Conference Room, but smoke permeated throughout the building and personnel were relocated to other OCIO buildings or are working from home.

Currently, occupancy of the building has been returned to OCIO, but only essential personnel are working at TNC today. Building occupancy will resume as normal on Monday (12/13).

The root cause of the fire has not been determined and subsequent investigations will be needed to determine the cause.

TNC suffered no major equipment damage and all services, including phone, network, CATV, broadcast, etc., are working. TNC houses about 70-80 staff representing OCIO Customer Experience, HR, Infrastructure, Finance, and Communications.

For today, TNC staff should continue to work from their designated remote site. If additional work related information is needed, key TNC contacts are Bill Phillips <>, 247-4455, and Charlie Clay <>, 292-7177.

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