Your Password's Days Are Numbered

The university recently adopted standard password practices that include a requirement to reset your password every 90 days as well as other minimum requirements for password strength. A new site,, will go live in August 2011 to aid the transition to the new standard. The change will be felt across our university community, which is why a detailed transition schedule is planned to support colleges and organizational units.

The new self-service site,, replaces the existing Account Management website in August 2011. is the location where everyone assigned an Ohio State Username (lastname.#) will go to activate their identity, set security questions and answers, create a new password, and choose where their university ( e-mail will be delivered. Available 24x7, the site allows individuals to reset a forgotten password without the need for calling the IT Service Desk (8-HELP) for support.

Initial Password Reset Completed By October 31, 2011

It is critical that every person with an active Ohio State Username goes to and resets his or her password starting in August and before October 31 so that he or she does not lose access to university systems. Once users create a new password, they will be on a 90-day password expiration cycle. An added benefit of going to prior to the university deadline is that OSU Wireless will now have the same username and password.

The password change made at is tied to a user's Ohio State Username (lastname.#) account. Once a password change is made, the new password is synchronized with systems and sites that use the university's authentication services. At this time, there may be department or college owned systems that are not tied to this password, for example, the MedCenter Logon ID.

Supporting the University

The password change communication campaign kicks off with a CIO message to the university on the upcoming change on May 25. A number of tools are available to help engage and support the university community through this change. These include:

  • The Password Change Communication Toolkit includes templates for communicating the need to reset your password via departmental newsletters, presentations, web, and e-mail. Copies of campaign posters will also be available for download.
  • Password Change Reports will be made available to senior IT professionals in each college and VP area beginning in August. These reports identify the individuals in the unit who have an active Ohio State Username account, but have not reset their password at University leaders will be provided summary level reports indicating the percentage of completion for their respective unit.
  • Targeted communications, such as fliers, will be distributed at events where students, faculty and staff typically have a high need for using their username and password. These include student orientations, hiring of new employees, parking permit renewal, and start of autumn quarter.
  • Direct messaging to users who need to reset their password.

With the support of the university’s leaders, IT professionals, and other dedicated colleagues, the password change message will successfully reach our students, faculty, and staff.

For up-to-date information on the cutover activation and when will be available, check the OCIO System Status Page.

For more information, visit BuckeyeSecure. Questions can be directed to Kristina Torres, OCIO Communications program manager, at or 292-9196.