Enhanced eLearning Inventory Provides Better Information

A site redesign for the eLearning Inventory is now live and available for use by all Ohio State faculty and staff. The Inventory of eLearning tools and resources can be found at elinventory.it.ohio-state.edu. Following on the heels of our "Year of eLearning" events, our community has never been more aware of the positive impact that engagement in online learning has on their students. Demand for just-in-time learning modules, "snack learning" tools, and available-anywhere content will increase with each new class of incoming students. For a department looking to embrace the future of online and hybrid course modules, the eLearning Inventory provides a single place to find the important services that fulfill their objectives.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) team members in Learning Technology, with input and advice from faculty and instructional designers in several colleges and departments, have enhanced the eLearning Inventory site. It is now easier to search and add information. Also, the site has a fresh new look and feel.

All university areas – campuses, colleges, departments, and other organizations – that provide eLearning tools for their faculty and instructional staff are invited to contribute to and use this shared resource. The eLearning Inventory is here to help people find the learning technology resources they want to use, as well as to get recognition for the services they offer.

Additionally, the eLearning Inventory will help identify our communities of practice; service owners will be able to find and collaborate with similar service owners to discover and share best practices, identify potential integration projects, or contribute to license negotiations. Whether you are looking for a service to add to your online presence, or adding your own service to the list, drop in and see the new eLearning Inventory site and discover all that Ohio State has to offer.

For questions, please contact Mark Herriott, OCIO Learning Technology, at herriott.10@osu.edu.