A Successful Quarter-to-Semester Conversion

The 2012/13 academic year culimated our long-planned conversion from quarters to semesters! As the Semester Conversion project work has wound down, the OCIO is pleased to share many innovations realized from the conversion. A huge thank-you goes to those individuals in Academic Affairs, Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience, the Department of Athletics, Student Health Services, and the offices of Graduate and Professional Admissions, the University Registrar, Student Financial Aid, the University Bursar, Human Resources, Business and Finance, and International Affairs’ Study Abroad program for their diligence and for allowing OCIO to work as part of their teams in successfully moving to the semesters-based calendar.

OAA Vice Provost for Academic Programs Randy Smith said: "The commitment to quality, efficiency, and collegiality shown by the staff in the Office of the CIO during the three years of the calendar conversion was outstanding. All academic and academic support units have benefited from it."

Going forward in the new Semesters world, Ohio State's academic endeavors will experience multiple benefits from the Semester Conversion work as completed through key OCIO collaborations:

  •  Simplicity for Academic Advising:

The Student Online Academic Plan, originally referred to as TAP (Transitional Academic Plan), replaced a once paper-based process and will continue to assist students and advisors by providing a useful planning tool to project, term by term, the course work required for each student’s curricular requirements (shared in March 2011).

  •  Expedited Approval of Programs and Courses:

Curriculum.osu.edu is an online tool used to submit and receive approval of academic programs and courses, including “one time” requests for courses such as group studies topics, and off-campus courses. After the conversion to semesters this tool will remain in-place for these processes going forward. This system replaced 7 paper forms and sped up the process by weeks!

  • Seamless Conversion of Quarter Courses:

The online Course Conversion Guide translated former quarter course offerings to the semester course catalog. Users can obtain information about equivalent, transitional and new courses, as well as converted sequences (details shared in June 2011).

  • Integrity of Student Academic Information:

The initial Statistics Recalculation was completed in April 2012. The recalculation did not change the student’s GPA, the standings relevant for financial aid, or student class rank. University Registrar and OCIO team members successfully completed the statistics recalculation work by systematically multiplying the cumulative credit hours each student attempted and completed under the quarter system by 0.67. (details shared in April 2012).

The OCIO team is appreciative of the partnerships that helped make the business and system process changes to support the semester calendar, and is pleased to continue collaborating with departments and schools as needed.

If you have questions about the semesters conversion, contact Carrie Jester, OCIO Enterprise Applications (jester.18@osu.edu or 614-688-3243).

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