Digital Storytelling at Ohio State Recognized by the Scout Report

The innovative Digital Storytelling Program (DSP) at Ohio State proves once again that the university is a leader among educational institutions.  This national program was recently recognized by the Scout Report as a "great idea," and a "source of motivation and inspiration for those who might like to create their own narratives."

The program was implemented seven years ago, after Karen Diaz, head of teaching and learning for University Libraries, and Anne Fields, English subject specialist, attended a workshop in North Carolina hosted by Joe Lambert, executive director of the Center for Digital Storytelling.  Lambert's book, Digital Storytelling; Capturing Lives, Creating Community, out Fall 2012, features the Digital Storytelling initiative at Ohio State.

According to the DSP, a collaborative partnership between the Digital Union and University Libraries, "stories can lead the learner to a desire for more cognitive learning." A digital story is a brief video composed of images, voice, and music used to convey not only information, but also emotion.  Stories can elicit learning more effectively by engaging students and helping them to understand and empathize.

The DSP offers two workshops each year, which presents a unique learning experience for attendees. The three-day workshop includes:

  • A three-hour scripting session
  • The chance to share ideas and receive feedback from the group
  • The opportunity to develop or expand photo/video editing skills
  • A showcase of each story at the end of the three days

The unique set up allows the program to build a sense of community among faculty across the university. "The group facilitation gives participants the opportunity to share their work across various disciplines in ways they otherwise may not," Liv Gjestvang, learning technology outreach lead, said.

The next workshop will be held December 17-19 in the Learning Collaboration Studio in the Science and Engineering Library (060 SEL). For details or to register online, visit

In addition to workshops, the DSP provides free online resources for faculty, staff, and students interested in digital storytelling at

For more information on OSU’s Digital Storytelling site, contact Cindy Gray (OCIO Learning Technologies) at 614-292-3964 or