BuckeyeBox: Enterprise Cloud File Sharing & Collaboration is Coming in December!

Collaboration and information sharing is key to the success of our faculty, staff, and students. Many people across campus see the power of cloud-based storage tools to facilitate collaboration and research across OSU and with institutions around the world. In working with IT organizations across the campus, we recognized that coming together for a One University solution was the only way we could truly address this need.

We heard from individuals and departments across campus that the key to collaboration is a single, simple, secure, and mobile tool to make it happen. After reviewing multiple available solutions, the IT community has partnered with Internet2 NET+ Box to provide BuckeyeBox, an enterprise cloud file sharing and collaboration service. The university IT community will provide BuckeyeBox free to all faculty, staff, and students to facilitate collaboration.

BuckeyeBox enables the university community to securely share, access, and collaborate on important content anywhere, anytime, from any device. How will this improve collaboration? Take a look:

  • View and access content on demand. As long as you have web access, you’re never out of touch with critical content.
  • Share a whole folder of files across campus with just a link – no firewalls or access roadblocks.
  • Receive real-time updates, so you know when someone’s viewed, edited or commented on your file.
  • Working on a project? Send project files to the team just by emailing a link. Comment on files and assign tasks to your teammates.
  • Put documents and pictures on BuckeyeBox, then access from a school computer or your tablet. No more lugging your laptop. Eliminates email clutter and saves space on your hard drive, too.
  • Use BuckeyeBox to avoid data mining. Our contract with Box keeps your information safe from data mining, a common practice among many of the commercial services currently available.

We think this solution will have a huge impact on how we, as a university, work together. Joe Steinmetz, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, agrees. “Arts and Sciences is very enthusiastic about this service. First, it extends Carmen in ways that help our faculty and students explore mobile learning scenarios that were not feasible before. Second, it gives our faculty an easy way to accomplish two things that are typically at odds with each other: sharing data securely with their research collaborators and sharing data broadly with the general public, both from the same system. Third, it gives our staff a powerful tool to streamline administrative operations so we can spend more time on our mission. This service will definitely be a game changer for many across the College.”

This service will be available for faculty and staff on December 15. At the start of the new semester, this service will also be available to our students, at which point we will be launching a campus-wide awareness campaign.

A special thank you to our IT partners across campus who participated in making this solution a reality: Athletics (Jim Null), Board of Trustees (Ken Cherrington), College of Arts and Sciences (Diane Dagefoerde), College of Education & Human Ecology (Joe Rousch), College of Engineering (Michael Compton), College of Food, Agriculture, & Environmental Science (Rob Luikart), College of Law (Bruce Johnson), College of Social Work (Judy Nodjak), Graduate School (Doug Brownfield), Lima Campus (Jim Kerr), Mansfield Campus (Major Price), Marion Campus (Dan Aquino), Newark Campus (Howard Imhof), Office of Business and Finance/Admin & Planning (Darryl Jordan), Office of Student Life (John Link), Office of Research (Jim Lemon), University Libraries (Beth Warner), and Wexner Medical Center & College of Medicine (Phyllis Teater). This is a great example working together to achieve a One University IT Solution.

Our BuckeyeBox website launches on December 1 at box.osu.edu, where you can find more information on this service and all the benefits it can provide.

For more information, please contact Brant Thomas, OCIO Infrastructure, at thomas.2519@osu.edu or 614-292-7044.