IT Synchronization Finds Value in Both Diversity and Synergy

Varied ideas and points of view are among the strong cultural characteristics that draw people to a university environment. It’s not surprising that the IT environment at Ohio State is just as diverse. While we are all aware of the efficiencies gained by economies of scale, some areas of the university are so unique that individual technology solutions make the most sense. The IT Synchronization effort aims to find the solution that best promotes effectiveness, furthers efficiency, and mitigates risk

The IT Synchronization is working to balance the diverse needs and economies of scale, offering a wide range of standard services that allow colleges and departments to benefit from the savings that comes with volume, while maintaining specialized solutions when they make more sense. For example, plugging into groups like OCIO’s Enterprise Security team allows business units not only to mitigate the legality and risk their department must bear, but also frees them from the time-consuming task of keeping pace with security threats that literally change daily.

Reinforcing the effectiveness of IT within colleges, departments, and support areas will allow IT professionals to focus on projects that address the area’s core mission and objectives. There’s never any shortage of technology projects, and redirecting resources from routine activities to dedicate them instead to mission-specific projects opens endless opportunities to provide custom support and solutions to each business area.

The university’s strategic plan highlights the importance of information technology capabilities in enabling our core mission of teaching, learning, and research. The IT Synchronization effort is working with members of the IT community throughout the university to find win-win opportunities to increase the impact of IT investment toward core mission activities using a number of tactics, including:

  • Assessing current IT functions and evaluating opportunities;
  • Finding improvement opportunities in cost efficiency, effectiveness, or risk mitigation;
  • Identifying best practice opportunities that can be leveraged across the university;
  • Comparing OSU current state to Institutional Benchmarks and planning services that meet or exceed benchmarks; and
  • Building a quantitative and qualitative business case that defines options for colleges and departments to improve the delivery of their IT services.

While an initial analysis is nearly complete, the IT Synchronization process will be progressive and ongoing over a period of years. OCIO is excited to embark on this journey that will help fulfill our vision of One University, while allowing each area of the university to continue to meet unique and specialized technological needs.

For more information about how your college or department can benefit from the IT Synchronization project, contact Carrie Jester, Senior Director of IT Synchronization at 688-3243.

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