Discontinuation: Off Campus Personal Use Long Distance Services

The OCIO is discontinuing off-campus access to three of the university’s personal long distance calling options.

Long distance services used from authorized telephones on campus (in administrative and residential housing areas) are not impacted by this discontinuation. 

The Bundled Minute Plans, Off Campus Long Distance Service, and the Personal 800 Service are being discontinued on May 31, 2013. The OCIO is no longer accepting new requests for these legacy services.

Existing customers use the Off Campus Long Distance Service to access the university’s long distance telephone services from an off-campus location. This service is currently accessed by dialing one of the following numbers and entering a personal use authorization code and PIN:

  • 1-800-678-6147
  • 1-800-652-3971
  • 614-292-5500 (Columbus)
  • 330-287-7533 (Wooster)
  • 419-747-8597 (Mansfield)
  • 740-625-6364 (Marion)
  • 740-364-7770 (Newark)
  • 419-285-1895 (Stone Lab)

OSU Bundled Minute Plans offers participating customers savings on domestic long-distance calling by providing a "bundle" of long distance minutes for one low monthly fee.

Personal 800 Service assigns 1-800 numbers to participating customers in order to receive domestic long distance phone calls. This allows the customer’s friends and family to call from any location within the 50 states at one low rate.

Today, roughly 95% of the university community uses cellular service and that has made these specialized, legacy dialing options a thing of the past.

We have sent an e-mail notifying current users of their service deactivation, with guidelines to find an alternative service or make changes to their accounts.

Contact the IT Service Desk at 8help@osu.edu or 614-688-HELP (4357) if you have any further questions regarding this change.

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