Submitting Grades for Spring Semester

Recently it was announced that faculty and staff who leave Ohio State or retire would have enhanced access to selected systems after separating from the university, which includes:

  • Access to Carmen for 60 days after termination effective date.
  • Employee Self Service for access to payroll information.
  • Access to University Email Service (UES)

Note: On 5/1/13 we identified an issue with email access for faculty with termination dates prior to the grade submission deadline.  A fix to restore access to University Email through 5/10/13 has been identified and is scheduled to be implemented the evening of 5/1/13.  If you identify additional individuals in your area with this problem, the fastest solution is to have your department’s Sponsored Guest Administrator setup a sponsored guest account – which is automatically activated.   Additionally, if they are returning for a future term, you may enter their new term information as a future hire.  This will also restore their access.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Although the above enhancements provide continued access for former employees, a gap still exists in access to Faculty Center for faculty whose termination effective date falls prior to the grade submission deadline. For this term, the termination effective date is April 30th and the grade submission deadline is May 6th.

In order to address the interim period between the termination effective date and the grade submission deadline, the Office of the CIO is implementing the following temporary measures:

  • The automated batch process that updates Faculty Center access based on the appointment will be suspended beginning April 30th through May 7th to allow uninterrupted access for grade submissions.
  • This will temporarily affect faculty whose hire data is entered between May 1st and May 6th, whose access will not be automatically granted during this hold period. However, individual exceptions for access may be submitted to, who are prepared to expedite requests.

These temporary measures will allow for a transparent and uninterrupted transition for the end of Spring Semester as well as provide time for the OCIO to define and implement a long-term solution. Termination effective dates on appointments should not be adjusted in order to extend access to the Faculty Center, nor is it necessary to process a sponsored guest account. Adjusting these dates may affect their pay.

As a reminder, The Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) will update the Carmen system during the weekend of May 3rd – May 5th, beginning at 7 PM on Friday, May 3rd. Instructors are encouraged to complete their grade submissions before this time if they require access to their Carmen gradebooks. Those who will be submitting grades after the update can familiarize themselves with the new interface by visiting the Carmen 10 sandbox at If you have any questions about the update, the ODEE Carmen staff can be reached at

For questions or assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk through Self, or 614-688-4357 (HELP).

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