BuckeyeBox-Friendly Apps for your Mobile Device

A file sharing and collaboration tool is only valuable with mobility and versatility. That’s why the BuckeyeBox team has tested and synched with three additional mobile applications to unite with Ohio State’s cloud collaboration tool:


CloudOn keeps you productive with the full power of applications like Microsoft Office®. This app helps you put together a widely compatible presentation, make revisions according to feedback on your Word document, or adding a new variable to your spreadsheet.

CloudOn and BuckeyeBox setup

notability iconNotability

With Notability you can handwrite notes from class, type takeaways on lecture slides, or audio record a meeting for accurate minutes. Organize and share in BuckeyeBox for a mobile and collaborative workflow.

Notability and BuckeyeBox setup


iAnnotate helps you sign contracts, give feedback on a design project, grade papers and more, all while you’re on the go. Annotation is conventionally a PDF-oriented activity, but this app works with word processor documents, presentation slides and image files too.

iAnnotate and BuckeyeBox setup

Open your BuckeyeBox documents in these apps and save back to your account in the cloud when you’re on the go. If you start in an app, those files can be uploaded to BuckeyeBox for simple sharing, too.

An integral part of collaborating in the cloud is being able to share from anywhere. Meet your deadlines without rushing back to your desk by synching BuckeyeBox with these approved applications.

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