OCIO services provide research materials to help your team’s IT projects succeed!

Good managers recognize the importance of professional development, but the benefits it provides sometimes come at a high premium. If your team needs information about information technology projects, OCIO provides two services that offer a great alternative.

First, we continue to offer the Campus Access Portal that we have offered for several years to university faculty, staff or students. The portal provides a subset of Gartner research materials online and access to webinars, podcasts, and upcoming Gartner events. The Campus Access Portal is great for anyone who wants high level overviews and guidance concerning a variety of IT-related research. University faculty, staff or students can log on with their Ohio State username (name.#) and password.

New, is the Gartner Technical Professionals (GTP) service, targeted to hands-on IT professionals.  It provides in-depth, technical research for project teams that helps them deliver outstanding results on IT strategy. Content includes:

  • In-depth research reports
  • Tailored IT architecture recommendations using Gartner’ unique online interface
  • Best practices guidance to successfully implement technology.
  • Perspectives of how other IT organizations are deploying and managing new technologies
  • Reusable templates for internal architecture and documentation
  • Direct access to Gartner analysts via schedule conference calls

Use of the Gartner Technical Professionals (GTP) service is limited to university* IT staff only. Those interested in using the service can request an account by contacting our Gartner representative, Tyler Denboer.  On-boarding sessions for all registered, university GTP users will be coordinated by Gartner.

Once a GTP account is established, GTP users can take advantage of listed Gartner services. Once you receive confirmation of your registration, username and password, the GTP service can be accessed in one of two ways:

In both cases you must be a registered GTP user to have automatic access to GTP related documents after logging into the website. Note that the university subscription with Gartner is for a subset of Gartner research. Users will receive a “not authorized” message for any research document that is not part of the university subscription.

Users of the both services must adhere to Gartner’s usage policies

Need help?  University IT staff or registered with the Gartner Technical Professional service can contact our Gartner representative, Tyler Denboer with questions, issues or concerns about the Gartner Technical Professional service. Users needing help with the Campus Access Portal can contact Gartner Technical Support at http://www.gartner.com/technology/contact/tech-support-contacts.jsp

*                  The university’s GTP service is not available to Oarnet or Wexner Medical Center staff. Oarnet and Wexner Medical Center staff should contact their assigned  Gartner representative for assistance.

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