Learn About Operational Excellence at PRSM: Faster, More Efficient and Safer Delivery Services

The Ohio State University Purchasing, Receiving, Stores and Mail (PRSM) operation is in the midst of an extensive Central Receiving project that will ultimately provide a more streamlined professional delivery network to Ohio State’s Columbus and regional campus locations.

Spearheading the Central Receiving project are PRSM Senior Director Nathan Andridge and Logistics Project Manager Shawn Jones. These two have taken the concept of a central delivery location and put it into practice in the past several months. By listening to users, designing better business processes, collaborating with several internal customers (FOD, Student Life, CampusParc) and changing employee culture, PRSM is now able to handle 2.5 times the package delivery volume they could handle at the beginning of 2013.

“We’re ready to roll out our value-added, timely service,” said Andridge, “but we would appreciate more feedback from our customers. They need to be part of this process to get the most out of the service.” PRSM plans to soft launch their Central Receiving plan in January 2014 and collect feedback through June. The full launch date is set for July 1, 2014.

Central Receiving, when fully implemented, has a wide range of benefits:

  1. Allowing fewer vehicles to navigate bustling campus streets improves student safety.
  2. Filtering suspicious packages and monitoring what is moving in and out of campus boosts security among university employees.
  3. Removing the need for third party delivery systems can positively impact the university’s bottom line with improved efficiency and cost controls.
  4. Delivering packages more quickly with better visibility improves operational excellence.

Overall, this Central Receiving project can improve your daily life at the university since you will receive packages sooner, and who doesn’t want that?

“We’ve been out talking to our customers, but we still need your help to make this system even better,” said Jones. “We have invested significant time and energy creating better business processes, job training and integration with our business partners but that is not enough. We want to get more members of the university involved so the process can be streamlined and perfected.”

What can you do to support the Central Receiving project? Visit the Doing Business with Stores site today to see what PRSM can do for you. Also, be sure to provide your feedback when you order items and send packages through PRSM; the department relies on customer insight to make the Central Receiving project a continued success.