5 New Things You Can Do with the Ohio State App

Students use it to check schedules, find buildings and get an update on bus arrivals. But the Ohio State app can make users’ lives even easier – in ways they may not even know about. Not only has the app improved constantly since its July 2011 debut, but a number of new capabilities were also added during 2014, giving users access to more robust features at their fingertips, including the following:

  1. SEIs: Many colleges use their own instructor evaluations, but senior university administrators track Student Evaluations of Instruction (SEIs). Use the app to let them know how instructors are doing.
  2. Parking Garages: Choose “parking” under the “maps” widget and the closest garages appear along with the percentage of spaces already filled.
  3. My OSU: Students said they want to see their grades as soon as they’re posted in Carmen, and now they can. In addition to this new feature, this widget has some old academic favorites like class schedule, BuckID account, academic advisor and tuition bill.
  4. Course Catalog Search: Just type in a keyword like “technology” and instantly find hundreds of results. Or search by academic program, class location, course description and instructor.
  5. Configure BuckeyeMail: Quickly configure BuckeyeMail on any mobile device. Students need real-time access to their university email, so mobile configuration is essential for the student experience.

To learn how students, faculty and staff are using the Ohio State app on a daily basis, check out this brief testimonial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz2Y8vqfoVc

Be on the lookout for more exciting, student-inspired features to be added in 2015!

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