01/20/2015 Update - Data Center Move to the SOCC

Good day,

Last month we provided a high-level schedule of moves that would happen in January.  Due to a delay in hardware arriving, many of the dates will shift.  We will continue to communicate with you as new move dates are determined.  The good news, is that the delay will not impact our ability to complete the overall project on time.  

Here’s the latest…

Recently Started

  • Business and Finance, Administration and Planning (BFAP)
  • Over Christmas break, we moved a portion of the BFAP IT physical servers from KRC to the SOCC.  Currently, we are about 10% complete with virtual moves and 75% complete with physical moves for BFAP IT.

Recently Completed

  • OSU Library
  • On January 5, OSU Library moved 1 rack of equipment into the SOCC.  Everything went very well and their move is complete.


  • We are excited to share that the new storage and compute infrastructure was recently delivered to the SOCC. This will help facilitate the remaining OCIO moves!
  • Installation of Mediatrix servers has commenced. These servers will replace many of the existing phone lines currently delivered from the phone switch at KRC.
  • Our Outside Plant team has started to install fiber optic cable which will replace the west campus fiber distribution and support the relocation of OSUNet connectivity currently distributed from KRC.
  • Fiber and copper infrastructure is being installed in the OSU suite at the SOCC to support colocation customer moves from KRC.
  • To date, 19% of the racks at KRC have been retired.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Thank you,

Brady Dodson, PMP
Project Manager
Office of the Chief Information Officer
25 Telecommunications and Networking Center, 320 W. 8th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201
614-247-8383 Office


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