Box Edit v2 to v3 Auto-Upgrades 6/15

We would like to inform you about an auto-upgrade that is planned for Box Edit from Version 2 to Version 3 on June 15 that may require action on your end to ensure the application functions properly in your environment. If you have deployed Box Edit to users within your organization, please follow the steps below prior to June 15 to verify that Box Edit Version 3 functions as expected in your environment.

Why is the move to Box Edit Version 3 important?
There are two important reasons why you will need to upgrade to Box Edit Version 3:

  1. Browsers, such as Chrome, have started to phase out support for NPAPI plug-ins, which was the mechanism used by Box Edit to communicate between the web app and the desktop process. As a result of this, we have re-architected Box Edit Version 3 so that it no longer uses NPAPI plug-ins, which improves the security and reliability of the solution.
  2. Box Edit Version 2 currently utilizes a Box API that will end its services later this year, therefore, customers will not be able to use Box Edit Version 2 once the Box API is no longer available.

Box Edit Version 3 Auto-Update Plans
Box will be pushing out a silent auto-update for Box Edit Version 3 on June 15. This should not require any action on the end user's part. End users do not require admin rights to allow this auto-update.

Admin Action Required
1. Test Box Edit Version 3:
Given the large changes in Box Edit to support a different browser architecture, we strongly advise that you test Box Edit Version 3 to verify that it works properly in your environment prior to the auto-update. Box Edit Version 3 is available for download here. After you establish it works well at the network level, please test it out on a few local machines that represent common set ups in your enterprise (in terms of anti-virus and browser security settings).

2. Whitelist new domains:

  • If Box Edit Version 3 does not work properly and your organization uses proxies, you should whitelist *, which is a new domain added to Box Edit in Version 3
  • If your proxy implementation does not support wildcards, you should whitelist

3. Troubleshooting any issues encountered:
After you have taken steps (1) and (2), if you still encounter any issues with Box Edit Version 3, reach out to User Services by filling out a web form request at and mark the subject as "Box Edit V3 Install". 

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