New OCIO Data Center poised for growth

For most of us, preparing to move means getting rid of that ratty old coat that should have been pitched ages ago and tossing out a bowling ball that hasn’t been touched for 10 years. The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) did a quite bit more than that over the past several months, when it completely reimagined Ohio State’s data center and moved it to the State of Ohio Computer Center (SOCC).

“Leveraging resources to take a One University approach was a critical goal of this project,” says Bob Corbin, Senior Director of Infrastructure. “We outsourced data center services to the SOCC to reduce risk and increase quality in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build our own facility. The SOCC also has the capacity to allow us to take on more space as we continue to grow.”

Our strategic partnership with the state allowed us to standardize and modernize the data center on an accelerated timeline. Not surprisingly, Ohio State has vast data resources. Moving our data center allowed us to catalog our assets, upgrade technology and improve security. So just like a recently organized closet, we know what we have, where it is, and how much space is left over.  With this knowledge, the OCIO has defined a new service offering that will be available summer 2015 to the entire campus.  The OCIO is inviting colleges with their own data centers to move their assets to SOCC, which will allow them to increase services and reduce risks associated with maintaining private data center space.

The State of Ohio Computer Center gives the entire university the opportunity to realize multiple benefits including:

  • Improved data center quality; moving from our current Tier I offering to a Tier III facility
  • Consistent technology innovation
  • Reduced vulnerabilities caused by natural disasters
  • Less capital outlay and lower operating expense
  • Expanded access with more uptime; availability in excess of 99.982%
  • Improved reporting and data collection
  • Scalability with significant opportunity for expansion
  • Supports One University concept by leveraging Ohio State resources

If you have questions about our data center initiatives, please contact Jamie Lambert, Director, Telecommunications & Facilities via email at or by phone at 292-9156.  You may also visit the OCIO service catalog at