Splunk Dashboards Help IT Professionals Monitor Their Environments

Ohio State’s Enterprise Security team provides a no-cost Log Management Hosting service to help IT professionals collect machine data from sources such as computer systems, networking equipment and web sites in order to capture access and other security-related events. This data is retained in accordance with OSU and Security Framework requirements. The data is available to assist IT professionals with reviewing anomalies and promptly identifying problems with systems under their purview.

The product behind this service is Splunk. To learn more about Splunk visit the Splunk at OSU website (login required). Our most recent post describes the mechanics of creating a dashboard in Splunk, changing various options on the dashboard and making the dashboard interactive. This article includes screenshots that help show different possibilities for what Splunk dashboards can provide.

Departments who want to know more about the Log Hosting service and/or sign up to use the service should visit the Service Catalog or reach out to the Splunk team via email.