Monthly Security Tips: No Memorization Required for Unique Passwords

Let’s be honest. You use the same password for almost EVERYTHING. Maybe you at least have a separate password for personal sites and work-related applications. Maybe. We all know unique passwords are the best practice in cyber security, but how do you remember all those different capital letters, special symbols and passphrases?

The October edition of OUCH!, a monthly security awareness newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, has an answer—password managers! Password managers are also known as password vaults for a reason; these applications safely store usernames and passwords for hundreds of sites so you can log in quickly without having to wrack your brain to remember which special character you used to make that password unique. Be sure to check out the full article for tips on picking the password managing app that best fits your needs.

Chief Information Security Officer, Helen Patton, also recommended the use of password managers when she discussed social media security with university communicators. Read more of Helen’s tips at the OCIO Community Blog.