10-digit dialing becomes mandatory Jan. 30

Central Ohio is adding an area code – 380 – requiring a switch to 10-digit dialing. Callers will need to dial the area code (three digits) followed by the phone number (seven digits) for all local calls. Central Ohio added an area code to increase the number of available phone numbers; with an additional area code identical 7-digit phone numbers with different area codes can be issued in the same geographical area.

10-digit dialing can be used immediately, but it becomes mandatory across central Ohio for all local calls on Jan 30. There is no change to dialing numbers that only require 5 digits on campus – if you currently use five digits to dial a number on campus, such as 8-4357 (8-HELP), you will continue to use 5 digits to dial these numbers. Click here or on the graphic below to print a dialing guide cheat sheet. To get ready, you also should:

  • Everyone: Reprogram your equipment – make sure your saved cell phone numbers include the area code
  • Campus departments: Include their 10-digit phone numbers on checks, forms and stationery and update databases – for students, employees, suppliers, etc.

The  ever-growing  popularity  of  new  telecommunications  services  and  changes in  the  competitive environment are driving a huge increase in demand for phone numbers in the region. The demand for new phone numbers is driven not only by increased device and cell phone use but also by an increase in machine-to-machine communication by devices that accept credit cards such as gasoline pumps and vending machines.

Questions? Contact 8-HELP – if calling from your cell, dial 614-688-4357.

University Calling Protocols infographic

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