Monthly Security Tips: Hackers Gonna Hack (Hack, Hack, Hack, Hack)

Sometimes you can just tell something is up with your computer: your passwords no longer work, programs are turning on randomly, your friends question your latest “business opportunity,” the list goes on. You dread what these signs could mean—you’ve been hacked. But don’t panic. You need to act fast to shake off the bad situation before it gets worse.

Don’t be upset with yourself if you become the victim of a hacker—it can happen to anyone. The April edition of OUCH!, a monthly security awareness newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, will help you break free from the hacker’s grip. The newsletter will help walk you through resetting all your passwords, following recommended actions from your antivirus software and rebuilding your operating system.

Sometimes a hack can start with a phishing email. Check out Senior Security Analyst Becky Mayse’s blog post about recent phishing attacks at Ohio State and other universities.