Text Messages Now an Option for Password Reset

It’s easy to forget your password if you’ve been away from Ohio State for a few months. Now there’s a new, easier way to reset your password by receiving using the SMS text message service on your phone (SMS is “Short Message Service”).

If you already receive Buckeye Alert text messages, then you’re already set up to use this new service. Buckeye Alert messages are the alerts sent when campus police have determined that the campus community needs to take immediate action to remain safe (for example, when a crime has been committed). If you receive Buckeye Alerts on your phone already, here’s how you can use your phone to reset your password in a few simple steps to use SMS password reset:

  1. Visit https://my.osu.edu/
  2. Click “Forgot Password.”
  3. Enter your user name (name.number).
  4. Options for resetting your password include answering previously selected security questions or receiving a mobile text message, both of which must have been set up in advance (if these options are not available, call 8-HELP (614-688-HELP [4357]).
  5. Choose “Mobile Text Message.” If a you have multiple devices registered, you will have the option to choose which device will receive the message.
  6. You will then see a message indicating that a temporary code was sent to the selected phone number. You can type the code in where indicated, and will then be forwarded to the password re-set screen that will allow you to set a new password.

That’s it!

If you do NOT receive Buckeye Alert messages on your phone, the first step is registering for Buckeye Alert. You need your password to authorize Buckeye Alert messages, so you won’t be able to use a SMS code to change your password this time. Instead, call the Service Desk, 8-HELP (614-688-HELP [4357] ) to reset your password.

Afterward be sure to register for Buckeye Alert so you can receive a temporary password via text message the next time you forget your password!


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