International Students Tuition Payment Fraud Alert

We want to alert Ohio State students to a fraudulent scheme involving a third party offering to pay your Ohio State tuition charges in order to save you money. This information has also been shared with students by Ohio State Enrollment Services.

In this scam, a person asks for your Ohio State username and password to pay your tuition charges by credit card. Once you receive a confirmation of the credit card payment, you are instructed to send the person a wire transfer payment or a check for that amount less 5 percent.

Despite receiving a confirmation of the credit card payment, the payment is fraudulent and will eventually be rejected by the credit card company, leaving you with a balance still due to Ohio State despite having paid nearly the full amount to the third party. Note: If you wrote a check to a third party to pay your Ohio State tuition, contact your bank to stop payment on the check.

We urge you to never share your Ohio State username and password and use caution when asked to direct any funds to a third party.

For questions about your Ohio State account, contact the Student Service Center at 614-292-0300, 800-678-6440 (toll free from inside the U.S.) or by email at

If you receive email that looks suspicious, even if you know the source, before taking any action, please call your local IT support or the IT Service Desk at 614-688-HELP (4357) (TDD: 614-688-8743) for verification and advice.

If you receive suspected phishing email, please report it to