Monthly Security Tips: Don’t Let Your Data be Held Hostage

What would happen if you lost access to all the files and programs on your computer or mobile device? What would you do if a cybercriminal encrypted all your important files or your entire device—and then asked you to pay them a ransom to get all that data back (possibly…)?

In the August edition of OUCH!, a monthly security newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, you can learn more about ransomware, a type of malware that locks you out of all the content on your device, unless you pay to have it restored. How can you avoid these attacks? How can you manage them after they occur? Should you pay up?!? SANS has the answers this month!

To learn more about ransomware and how it could impact The Ohio State University, check out this informative brochure. You can also download this wall poster to inform your coworkers or residents of the risks of ransomware.