Boost Security and Capacity with OCIO Offsite Storage and Colocation

Data security is an ever-increasing concern, and now that Ohio State has outlined best-practice security control requirements that we are all striving to meet, departments are working to find the best way to maximize their resources to meet recommended standards.

If you need to strengthen your data center and disaster recovery posture, the OCIO has offsite storage and colocation services that can help you achieve your goals. Consider the following scenarios:


You have an existing data center, but it needs to be updated to meet the Ohio State Information Security Control Requirement (ISCR)

SOLUTION: One of the most significant benefits of using OCIO’s Colocation service at the State of Ohio Computer Center is that we can immediately offer a Tier III like facility, faster and cheaper than upgrading your data center, especially if your current data center is far from meeting security requirements.


You have an existing data center that meets ISCR requirements, but you need a qualifying backup.

SOLUTION: If your department stores data classified as S3 (Private) or S4 (Restricted), control requirements require an offsite back up. OCIO’s Offsite Storage service encrypts data both at rest and in flight to meet this requirement. In addition, a second backup of your data is encrypted on our servers at Wright State University, allowing you to meet the requirement of a secured back up more than 25 miles from your primary data center.

“There was a time when local data centers were the most efficient solution, but as security concerns rise there’s a good case for outsourcing this service,” says Bob Corbin, Senior Director of Infrastructure. “Using OCIO offsite storage and colocation services can accelerate your time table to meet ISCR, give you an immediate risk reduction, improve quality and increase capacity. The physical facility required for a best-in-class data centers are complex and costly, so it often makes more sense to outsource to a facility that already meets those requirements.”

Moving storage offsite begins with a consultation. OCIO works with you to determine the required configuration and your current and near future storage needs. If you have questions about our Offsite Storage Solutions, please contact, Sean McCartney, Associate Director of Enterprise Servers & Storage via email at McCartney.72 or phone at (614) 688-4459 or would like to understand more about the SOCC, please contact Jamie Lambert, Director, Telecommunications & Facilities via email at Lambert.102 or by phone at (614) 292-9156. 


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