Wireless Access Points in the Oval, thanks to your feedback!

In September 2015, we asked students where they wanted Wi-Fi around campus. Specifically, we wanted them to SHOW us by tagging TechOhioState on Instagram. Several students, including the contest winner, shared that there just isn’t enough wireless coverage across the Oval.

Thanks to your feedback, the Wireless Team in OCIO identified the Oval as a desired location for additional wireless coverage. The team added two osuwireless access points on lampposts outside of Thompson Library, to provide a Wi-Fi boost to the outside seating area on the west side of the Oval:


Network Engineers Chris and Ryan show off a newly installed wireless access point in the Oval! #osuwireless

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This is just the beginning of extending wireless to the Oval. The patio outside Thompson Library was chosen as a starting point due to the amount of seating in that area, as the coverage would impact more students in that space.

In addition to this boost of service near Thompson Library, OCIO’s Wireless Team has worked closely with ODEE to add 14 access points to Independence Hall room 100 in order to support multiple devices for all 700+ seats. Together they also added access points to Evans Laboratory room 1008 to support more capacity. Other rooms on the second floor of Evans Laboratory are slated for additional wireless coverage in the near future.

Fun fact, there are more than 10,600 wireless access points across all Ohio State campuses, and these support roughly 66,000 concurrently connected wireless devices!

We are always looking to improve osuwireless and the other technology services we offer to Buckeyes in Columbus and across the regional campuses. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! If you find yourself having trouble with the wireless network, let us know! You can fill out a request form in Self Service on the OCIO website.