Monthly Security Tips: Teaching Kids to be Safe Online

Calling all parents, babysitters and those who watch over young children! The May edition of OUCH!, a monthly security newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, is all about keeping children safe while using the internet.

When it comes to securing children online, there are both technological challenges and educational challenges:

  • Solutions involving the technology itself include having a dedicated computer just for the kiddos (separate from the one you use to balance your budget and file your taxes) and keeping this computer and other devices (think video game consoles) in high traffic areas in the house for easier, low-key monitoring.
  • On the educational side, setting up rules, regularly discussing bullying and clarifying what information to keep private can help young children learn good online behaviors. has a wealth of resources related to protecting yourself and your children online, including tips for dealing with cyberbullying. These guidelines can help parents and all those who work with children teach the next generation to be good “digital citizens.”


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