Monthly Security Tips: Games People Play

Whether you’re a Newb, a Wizard or even a Ninja, a cybercriminal can take all the fun out of gaming by luring you into downloading software or clicking a link that infects your computer and exposes your personal info. You can still enjoy gaming with players across the globe by following basic security practices like applying strong passwords, keeping your system current and using common sense (don’t click on weird sh*t).

The July edition of OUCH!, a monthly security newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, explains that gaming fraudsters are using many of the same ploys that phishers use to get a user to take action, such enticing users to click a link or download a file. In addition to being skeptical of links and files from unknown sources, using the latest operating system and gaming software and installing security patches also helps keep your system safe. Since games exist for kids of all ages, it’s also important to stay current on the games your children are playing and with whom.

Some steps you can take to game securely are provided in this month's “OUCH!” security awareness newsletter published by the SANS Institute.