OCIO Leadership Meeting August 7, 2017

Important Points from Discussion

FY18 Goal: University IT Strategy

  • Joe Roush (Education and Human Ecology) and Tim Smith (Arts and Sciences) will be spending some of their time with the OCIO to develop and communicate the University IT Strategy across the university.
  • Joe and Tim, along with Tracey Richardson, shared some draft goals with the group. These include strategy improvements, phasing out local server rooms and local data centers, seamless projection, adopting managed network services, cloud certification, and printing anywhere.

FY18 Goal: University Analytics Services

  • Steve Fischer and his team have been working on a new reporting and analytics foundation as part of the Enterprise Project. Part of this goal is to identify what is NOT in scope for the project but is crucial for supporting B.I. and Analytics across OSU in other contexts.
  • The team has been brainstorming what services we can offer to the university.

Business Continuity Tabletop Exercise

  • Several OCIO leaders met for a business continuity tabletop exercise. The overall feedback was that it was an eye-opening experience.
  • As a result, the teams will be developing a call tree to make sure information is disseminated in the event of an emergency. This should be kept in multiple places and include alternate numbers and emails in the event someone cannot reach an employee.
  • Employee information should be kept up-to-date in PeopleSoft; leaders will work with their teams to make sure this info is correct and get a call tree set up. 

Next Week’s Agenda

Notes: Glenna Zofcin

Meeting Attendees

  • Bob Corbin
  • Diane Dagefoerde
  • Kristi Davis
  • Tracey Earley
  • Bob Mains
  • Laura Palko
  • Bill Phillips
  • Tracey Richardson
  • Beth Varcho
  • Glenna Zofcin


  • Gary Clark (for Security)
  • Joe Roush (EHE)
  • Tim Smith (ASC)

Questions about the OCIO Leadership Meetings can be directed to cio@osu.edu