OCIO Leadership Meeting on March 25, 2019

Important Points from Discussion


Ohio State AWS Overview

  • Ohio State Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service provider that is available to all Ohio State employees for university business purposes.
  • To request an account, please follow the instructions in the AWS Readiness Checklist at go.osu.edu/getaws.
  • In order to comply with university requirements, all accounts used for university business should be set up through the Ohio State AWS service. If you already have an account through an OSU email address, and your account meets specific criteria, then you will receive an email from AWS notifying you how to link your account to Ohio State AWS.
  • Please note that Ohio State does not have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Amazon; therefore, you may not store any Personal Health Information (PHI) in AWS at this time. Please contact osuaws@osu.edu should you have any questions or concerns.


Operational Updates

  • Diane Dagefoerde is in the process of drafting a recommendation for a research data sharing working group. This effort will be kicking off in late April.
  • Bill Phillips and Kathy Braidic, Associate Director of Enterprise Applications Managed Services, are leading the search for Digital Accessibility Coordinators for the Office of the CIO, as well as all units that have Security Coordinators. The Digital Accessibility Coordinator’s job is to ensure that digital content is accessible to all viewers. Questions or concerns may be sent to das@osu.edu. In addition, Bill noted that the Telecommunications Network Center now has three OCIO reserved parking spots on the east side of the building.
  • Shina Hayden reported that the Buckeye Bias Busters workshop sessions will begin in mid-April. This workshop, which will provide a comprehensive assessment of implicit bias in the workplace, is required for managers. Registration is available in BuckeyeLearn.
  • Beth Varcho relayed that the Digital Flagship Mobile Design Lab bus has begun trips to various locations across campus. For more information about the lab, or to view a list of upcoming events, please visit the Digital Flagship website.


Next Week’s Agenda

  1. Operational Updates
  2. Triumphs and Trials

Meeting invitees in attendance:​

  • Dagefoerde, Diane
  • Hayden, Shina
  • Morgan, Lonnie
  • Phillips, Bill
  • Richardson, Tracey
  • Weimar, Kristen

Questions about the OCIO Leadership Meetings can be directed to cio@osu.edu