Identity & Access Management

Identity Information and Access to University Resources and Services

As a member of the Ohio State University community, an individual receives access to varying levels of resources and services based on our relationship to the university. In order to determine the appropriate level of access and still maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the university's information, Ohio State must identify you and verify your identity.

In person, you may present your driver's license, state ID, a birth certificate, or insurance card to prove your identity. However, in an online environment, the ways of determining your identity and the characteristics that make it unique are slightly different. Online you have a digital identity, which comprises the digital information that allows applications and systems to identify who you are, verify that you are really you, and determine your access rights. A digital identity, such as your Ohio State Username (lastname.#) and password, is a set of information that links you to specific roles and access rights.

The Role of Identity and Access Management (IdM):

The role of IdM is to create, maintain, and manage individual identities, their information and access to resources through streamlined, efficient technology and processes. For example, IdM:

  • Provides new hires an Ohio State Username and an e-mail account for accessing university business
  • Grants a visiting professor access to the network and Carmen, the university's course management system
  • Enables cross-institutional collaboration
  • Supports students' ability to register for and schedule classes

IdM Program Vision

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other members of the extended university family must have an intuitive way to find and utilize pertinent information and resources in a streamlined environment that protects confidentiality and intellectual property, promotes security of assets, and encourages multi-institutional collaboration.

The Identity and Access Management (IdM) Program was named a critical project for the Office of the Chief Information Officer in spring 2009. The IdM Program seeks to establish the foundation of an enterprise Identity and Access Management system and processes, and address the most critical of IdM risks and benefits to users. More information can be found in the IdM Program Overview, or by visiting one of the following pages.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments regarding the Identity and Access Management Program, use our contact form and one of our program team members will respond to your inquiry.

IdM Program Wiki

The IdM Wiki is a resource for IdM program team members, advisory groups, and university members supporting the IdM program. If you have questions about the wiki or require access, please contact Kristina Torres (torres.103) or at 614-292-9196.