Billing Statements and Account Information

Statement Options

 Monthly Billing Statements

We provide you with a consolidated billing statement each month for all of your OCIO Telecommunication and Networking services. The statement details the monthly and one-time charges owed for each service, and indicates any payments received and/or credits issued during that billing cycle. Our billing cycle begins the first day of each month and ends on the last day of the same month. This information is available to you in both printed and online formats, giving you the option to choose the format that best fits your needs.

 Printed and Mailed Statements

Printed statements are sent via U.S. Mail once each month. You should receive your mailed statement no later than the 12th day of the following month, unless you have elected to stop receiving a printed statement. You are responsible for any charges owed even if you do not receive your printed monthly bill. Click here for information on how to pay your bill.

 Online Billing Statements and Account Management

You can view your billing statement and manage your account online. This convenient option is free and provides you with instant access to your account at anytime from anywhere you have an Internet connection, giving you more flexibility and control of your account.

Online statements are automatically created for anyone with an account and are available for review much faster than the printed statements mailed each month. A new billing statement is available online the second day of each month. To help you get the most out of our online services, you can sign up to receive a special e-mail notification each month. Click here to learn more about the e-mail notification service. In addition to receiving an e-mail notification, you can also choose to eliminate the printed and mailed version of your monthly billing statement, providing you with true, electronic-only billing. Click here for information on how to eliminate the printed version of your bill.

Our online account management system also enables you to view past billing statements, place orders and repairs, view current call detail and more. Click here to access the online account management system.

 E-mail Notification of Your Bill

Our e-mail notification is a free service that provides you with a friendly reminder each month that your most recent billing statement is now posted online for review and that your payment is due.

When using our email notification service, two points are important to note. First, you will continue to receive a printed billing statement each month, unless you also choose to eliminate the printed version. Second, any payments made or new charges incurred on your account after the bill is printed will not appear on your printed statement until the following month, but will appear on your online account as soon as they are processed. To avoid making a duplicate payment to us, please check your online account information to verify that your payment has been processed and posted to your account.

Click here to sign-up and start receiving the free e-mail notification. You can change or cancel the e-mail notification service at any time. Click here to change or cancel your e-mail notification.

 Eliminate the Printed Version of Your Bill

In addition to receiving an e-mail notice of your bill each month, you can also choose to eliminate the printed and mailed version of your bill. This option, paired with receiving a monthly e-mail notice, provides you with true, electronic-only billing. It is important to note that if you choose to stop receiving a printed bill, you will not be able to pay your monthly bill by mail using a check, money order or credit card. However, you will still be able to easily pay your monthly bill using one of the following options: by web, by phone, or by using our Automatic Debit Payment Service. You are still responsible for paying your bill in full each month, regardless of whether you choose to receive your bill electronically or by mail.

Click here to stop receiving a printed, mailed version of your monthly bill. You can also sign-up to receive a printed monthly bill again, if you previously canceled it.