Administrative Web Interface (AWI) for Telecommunications

The Administrative Web Interface (AWI) provides OSU departments and college units with the ability to view and manage their account and services via the web.

Some of the AWI capabilities include:

  • View and print current and past billing statements
  • Add, remove, or change basic features on office phones
  • Change how you view your e-billing statement
  • Request, cancel or change Authorization Codes and Calling Cards
  • View current call detail

Important note about changes due to Workday: Beginning February 1, 2021, any authorized user will have full access at what is currently known as the department level for an organization. This will help simplify managing user access. It is pertinent for each organization to review and update current user access prior to Workday go-live. For a quick reminder of this process, please see Managing AWI User Access. Please reach out to if you have questions.

The AWI site is restricted to a limited number of authorized users who are typically the fiscal officers, telephone coordinators, or key administrators within a particular OSU department or college. Access to data is limited by each user’s unique profile for security purposes. NOTE: AWI is not available to business customers or contractors that are not OSU entities.

If you handle fiscal or administrative duties within your department, please contact your Account Manager for more details on how to use the AWI site. If you have a business account with us but are not an OSU department or college, please contact Customer Service staff during office hours for assistance.

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