Administrative Web Interface (AWI)

The Administrative Web Interface (AWI) provides Ohio State faculty and staff a way to view charges related to services requested from the OCIO – whether for one month or a span of multiple months – in PDF and Excel format. These charges are associated with the monthly OCIO Billing Charges appearing on the General Ledger.

The AWI is available to anyone with an Ohio State login (lastname.#) and is primarily used for specific purposes by the groups shown below.

Senior Fiscal Officers and Financial Analysts:

  • Use as backup for reconciliation or to clarify charges associated with an OCIO statement.
  • Perform analysis of specific service charges for one month or over a period of time.

Technical Support Staff:

  • Review variable usage charges for metered services such as virtual machines, backup, storage, power, etc.

Research Faculty:

  • Review all related OCIO charges for a specific research project.

If you are responsible for fiscal or administrative duties within your department, please contact your OCIO Relationship Manager for assistance with using the AWI.

If you have an OCIO business account and are not part of an Ohio state college or department:

Access AWI - The AWI is also available through ServiceNow Self Service by selecting "AWI" under "Apps" and "Billing." 


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