Call Center Services - Requirements

The following workstation components and requirements are applicable for running Interaction Client®. Departments interested in using Customer Interaction Center and IC are responsible for providing the required workstations and ensuring the workstations meet the requirements below.* In addition, if your office network utilizes a firewall, specific ports on the firewall will have to be opened to allow software components installed on the client workstations to connect back to the central CIC system. A list of firewall ports that are required to be open for CIC is available upon request. Contact an 614-688-4357, for more details.




PC with 500 MHz or higher processor speed recommended

Intel or AMD x86-compatible CPU (processor)


384 MB or higher recommended

Disk space

650 MB minimum required

1 GB or higher recommended

Monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher recommended

800 x 600 minimum required

Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Operating System

Windows XP Professional with most current Service Pack

Windows 2003 run as a client machine with most current Service Pack



*Additional requirements may be required if your department's implementation of CIC includes optional features or advanced contact center services. Requirements are subject to change. Contact your OIT Account Manager for the most current requirements.