Test Your eReports Portal Access

Both the Human Resources and Financials versions of Using eReports Portal require access to the production instance of eReports Portal. Before attending either course, verify your access to eReports Portal using the following steps:

  1. Access eReports Portal at http://ereports.osu.edu/.
  2. Type your Ohio State Username (lastname.#).
  3. Type your Password.
  4. Click [Login].
  5. Verify you have access to either the Human Resources or Financials eReports Category, as appropriate.


If you are unable to access eReports Portal or the appropriate eReports Category, consider the following:

  • Is your¬†Ohio State¬†Username activated? Is your password correct?
    See Ohio State Username or contact the Technology Support Center at 614-688-4357 or 8help@osu.edu for assistance with your account.
  • Do you have the appropriate Administrative Sytems security for eReports Portal?
    Generally if you have access to the Administrative Systems, you have access the related reports in the portal. Contact the Security Team at access@osu.edu to verify your security. If additional system security is necessary, click the Security/Workflow tab above for more information.