One-line Cordless Phones with Caller ID Capability

Phone & Line Monthly Fee: $16.15 per line*

Caller ID Feature Monthly Fee:$4.00 per line

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One-line cordless phones with caller ID capable displays are available for individuals who need to communicate while moving within a building. (The caller ID display will not work without the caller ID feature.) All cordless phones are consumer-grade quality and are not recommended as a substitute for standard business telephones. Cordless phone models change frequently; the models installed are contingent upon availability. The monthly cost includes the phone instrument, the lease of the phone lines, touchtone service, distinctive ringing, and the built-in features listed below.

NOTE: Cordless phones may not work in some campus locations and/or beyond certain distances from the home base. Cordless phones NOT provided by the Office of the CIO may interfere with the campus wireless network and/or may not function properly.

  • Built-in caller ID capable display (requires Caller ID feature to work)
  • Built-in speakerphone capability
  • Callers list that stores incoming numbers (requires Caller ID feature to work)
  • Programmable, one-touch keys for storing numbers and features
  • Three-way calling capability between the handset, base and another party
  • Headset option may be available with some models for an additional one-time fee

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Contact your Account Manager, or Customer Service at 688-4357, today for details or to place an order!*

*NOTE: Direct Inward Dial (DID) telephone numbers and the Call Transfer/ 3-Way Conference (3WC) feature are automatically installed when ordering this phone. Each DID number costs $1.25 per month and 3WC feature costs $0.50 per month. One-time order fees apply when ordering this phone. All prices are subject to change.