Telephone Line-Only Option

This offering enables you to lease a university telephone line so that you may provide your own equipment. The line-only option is ideal for fax machines and computer modems. This service is also available if your department wants to purchase and maintain its own telephone equipment. Most optional features are available for this service. However, it is important to note that some features may cause problems with fax or computer modem transmissions. When requesting this service, please indicate whether the line will be used for a fax machine, computer modem, or a telephone instrument.

The monthly lease of the line includes touchtone service and distinctive ringing. ;A Direct Inward Dial telephone number and the Call Transfer/3-Way Conference feature will automatically be installed at an additional monthly fees. A DID number costs $1.25 per month and 3WC costs $0.50 per month. Other telephone features can be ordered for an additional cost.

Line-only Lease: $16.15 per month

Ordering Service

To order this service, contact us at 614-688-4357, or toll-free at 1-800-678-6003; 614-688-3425 (fax); or

NOTE: There is no guarantee of the compatibility of customer-owned equipment with the university's telephone switch. Additionally, the Office of the CIO does not repair or replace customer-owned equipment and may bill customers for repair trips that find the problem to be in the customer-owned equipment.