Meridian Add-On Unit for Electronic Telephones - #M522

M522 add-on unit

Cost per month: $4.00

To order this item, contact customer service at 614-688-4357, or toll-free at 1-800-678-6003; 614-688-3425 (fax); or

The #M522 is a 22-button expansion unit that offers increased line appearances and/or feature capabilities for electronic telephones. Corresponding display windows give you a visual status of features or lines in use. Up to two #M522 units can be added to one electronic telephone for a total of 44 extra lines or features.

You can also monitor the line status of multiple phones (single line and electronic phones) in your department by adding the Busy Lamp Feature (BLF) to your #M522 add-on unit. In addition to the monthly fee for the add-on unit, BLF costs $0.80 per month for each line being monitored.