Communications Wiring Standard

The objective of the standard wiring plan for the University is to provide an acceptable outlet for any communication device that requires connection to other devices, networks, or information services serving general University needs. The establishment of a standard wiring plan will support most communication devices and provide a standard by which buildings should be wired. Renovations and network upgrades should be developed following this standard to provide a uniform connectivity guideline for the whole campus community.

The purpose of this document, which is below in PDF format, is to provide guidelines by which the communications needs of the University can be met. These guidelines are to be used as a means to provide minimum requirements. Specific requirements for each project will be coordinated with the using agency and a university telephone services representative from the Office of the CIO during project development.

The Communications Wiring Standard and other building design standards can be found on the Facilities Operations and Development BDS website.

For more information and questions, please contact Chuck Sailor at 614-688-4357.