Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA)

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has worked with Adobe to provide a site-wide license for Faculty and Staff for Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Professional for both Windows and Macintosh. The pricing negotiated by OSU Purchasing on this agreement was best in class, and is projected to save the university between $250,000 and $500,000 per year as a conservative estimate.

This product is an enterprise-level product, and is not the same as the consumer version of Adobe Creative Cloud: there is no way (at this time) to tie a non-enterprise version of Adobe Creative Cloud into the enterprise version. See below for details on the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for an Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Pro license?

This license extends to university use for OSU faculty and staff (including GRA's and GTA's). We are permitted to install Acrobat Pro on 100% of OSU-owned machines, and CC licenses are permitted on up to 35% of OSU-owned machines.

I'm a student: can I get discounts on Adobe products?

Students can obtain discounted copies of Adobe products at Tech Hub, OSU's preferred provider of Adobe products.

If I am eligible for an Acrobat license, where can it be installed?

The software may be installed on any OSU-owned machine. The software may also be installed on personally-owned machines for OSU-business use. It is available to all campuses and OSU offices.

If I am eligble for a Creative Cloud license, where can it be installed?

The software may be installed on any OSU-owned machine. It is available to all campuses and OSU offices. Personal Use: The packaging solution for personal use is different than the Acrobat license, and this section will be updated when personal and personal-machine use of Creative Cloud is prepared.

Do I need to uninstall old versions of Photoshop, InDesign, or the Creative Suites to install these products?

No, different versions of the products can co-exist, but there is likely to be no need for older versions to remain on machines. There is some detail from Adobe regarding this in the Creative Cloud packager instructions.

Is there a cost for the license? How is it funded?

OCIO and OSU Purchasing worked out a way to distribute the Acrobat software at no charge to individual users for the life of the agreement.

The Acrobat and CC licenses are funded by an assessment directly to the department from OSU Business and Finance, done at the same time the Microsoft assessment is done each year. It is assessed to departments based on the number of faculty and staff they have in Autumn semester, and past usage of the software.

Where can I get the Acrobat Pro and Creative Cloud software?

Acrobat: OCIO provides a download of the Acrobat Pro software, which may be requested via our Self Service pages. The software may also be distributed as part of a "standard image" to all machines.

Creative Cloud: Because the Creative Cloud products are built and designed for distribution via SCCM, Casper, or another suite, Creative Cloud software downloads are available only to Site License Software Coordinators for distribution in their areas. If you do not know who your SLS Coordinator is, please contact your departmental IT area. SLS Coordinators will download the packagers and create their own custom packages for distribution within their departments. The CC software should not be distributed as part of a "standard image" to every machine in a department beacuse it is both specialized and tailored to a set of needs.

Are there any limitations I need to know about?

Acrobat: The key limitation to be aware of is that if you create an extended Adobe document, you may not retrieve information from more than 500 forms. There is a detailed description of this limitation included in the download.

Creative Cloud: The enterprise version of CC does not come with cloud storage like the consumer product does, and rolling out updates is different. There are details regarding these aspects in the materials provided in the Packager download.

What is not included? How do I get other Adobe products?

The agreement includes Acrobat Pro (100% deployment) and Creative Cloud (35% deployment). A full list of Creative Cloud products is listed on the Adobe website. No products outside the Creative Cloud suite (such as Captivate, EchoSign, DPS, or the Elements products) are included in this agreement.

Many Adobe products are on the Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP), and are available at Tech Hub, Ohio State's preferred provider of Adobe products.