License Terms and Important Notices

The following are important license terms to which all users of the software must adhere. Please review these terms carefully.


Each user of the software in the Campus Agreement must use it subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions contained in the Campus Agreement and the Microsoft Product Use Rights. View the Product Use Rights by pointing your browser to The software contained in the Campus Agreement is detailed on the main page of the Microsoft License pages.

Each user of the software in the Campus Agreement, including student use in student computing labs is hereby notified that:

i. Your use of the software is subject to the terms of the Campus Agreement, including but not limited to limitations on liability, disclaimer of warranties and exclusion of remedies.

ii. You are allowed to run the software only during the licensed period; and

iii. If the Campus Agreement is terminated, then all software run under this agreement must be deleted when the licensed period expires or is otherwise earlier terminated, whichever is first.

Each user of the software in the Campus Agreement is notified that the Software products are a) licensed by Microsoft, b) may not be copied or transferred to a third party.

Departments that acquire copies of the media for distribution within the department must make proper and usual records relating to their distribution of the software and to whom the software is assigned. They must assure that each faculty or staff person to whom the software is distributed receives a copy of the "Employee Acknowledgement Form" and understands the License Terms and Notices on this page. These forms should be filed with each department. The "Employee Acknowledgement Form" is available when you download Campus Agreement software through Self Service.

Departments may not make additional copies of the Microsoft Select media acquired from Tech Hub and used for the Campus Agreement. Physical Select media must be acquired from Tech Hub, though departmental media may be obtained via download or from OCIO, to maintain strict replication guidelines. These media copies must remain under strict control of the department.

Faculty and Staff:

As a user of the Campus Agreement software, the primary user of a campus computer on which a copy of the software is installed may install a single copy of such software for his or her exclusive use on either a single home or portable computer that they own or lease, during the term on the Campus Agreement. You may make use of the software on your owned home computer provided that a) it may be used only for work-related purposes and b) you must delete and remove from the RAM memory and permanent memory (Hard Disk) of such computer any secondary copy of such products upon termination of this Agreement or upon your separation from Ohio State University, whichever comes first.

To install Campus Agreement software on your owned home PC (or on off-campus, university-owned equipment) using CD/DVD media at your home or off campus, you must acquire Take-Home media for installation. This media is purchased at Tech Hub with an eRequest or Procurement card. Faculty and staff are not entitled to use the Microsoft Select volume licensed media (used for on-campus installation) for off-campus installation.

Alternatively, in lieu of purchasing of Take-Home media for an off-campus home PC installation, you may bring your owned home (or off-campus, university-owned) PC in to campus to have the software installed from Microsoft Select media in your department.

Also, a department computer support representative purchasing Campus Agreement media may want to purchase some copies of the Take-Home media at that time, which can then be allocated within their department as needed.

Take-Home media must be registered with Microsoft. You can do this online for your product or you can call the Authorization Center at 1-888-652-2342.

Personal Use Program - Faculty, Staff and Students:

Faculty, staff and students may acquire copies of selected Microsoft products for use on their personally-owned computer. See the "Products" tab for a listing.

  • You are allowed to purchase one copy of each product at a given version level. For example, you may purchase one copy of Office Pro Plus 2010 and one copy of Office Professional Plus 2013. You may not purchase two copies of Office Professional Plus 2010.
  • The copy of a product at a given version level may be installed on one computer.
  • The license for the copy and version level is a subscription license until graduation, at which point it becomes a perpetual license; however, version upgrades are not provided.
  • Software media accompanies the license for products purchased on the Personal Use Program. This media allows up to two installations on one computer.
  • Faculty, staff and students will sign an end user agreement when purchasing software on the Personal Use Program.

Personal Use media must be registered with Microsoft. You can do this online for your product or you can call the Authorization Center at 1-888-652-2342.


For other questions about eligibility or the Microsoft License agreement, please contact:

IT Service Desk or 614-688-4357