Software Request Instructions

Although the OCIO Software Directory pages allow you to find details about available software by computing platform, in most cases you will need to place orders through our request fulfillment process to obtain the software.

To order available software, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the online Self-Service tool, and click Login at the upper right.

  2. Click Order Services (marked with a shopping cart).

  3. Click the Software Request link located under the "Software Services" heading.

  4. Complete the Software Request Form, including choosing an item from the available software options. In some cases, you may be required to agree to terms and conditions for the selected product.

    If you are ordering more than one license, change Quantity in the box at the upper right.

  5. Click Check Out.

  6. Review your shopping cart and, if correct, click Submit Order at the lower right. 

  7. Your order confirmation page lists your selections and their costs, as well as provides a Request Number (i.e., REQ12345) for tracking purposes. 
    • If there is no price is listed for your selections, you will be provided with a link for download or, in some cases, have activation codes emailed to you. 
    • If you have selected software that shows a price, you must submit an eRequest that includes the REQ number on this page to complete your transaction. URGENT: Referring to your REQ in your eRequest is the only way to ensure that your payment is linked to your software order so that delivery can be completed.
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